1 Black Low Top Canvas Shoes|custom your own nike shoes_customize your own nike football shoes

custom your own nike shoes_customize your own nike football shoes

Big Cozy Warm Fun
Fits waist but very big around my thighs
These were real
Works as described. Put a dab of locktite on the screws to keep from loosening
It fits just not as I would have liked it to fit.
Fit is a little too small. Material seems cheap and not like it'll last long under regular use. I never got the colors I picked so I cant review that aspect.
Love it! Just the right size. Looks great and is perfect for occasions .
I payed $90.00 for these so called "Ray Bans" the quality is terrible cheap hard plastic. definitely not the real ones that I tried in the store. Will be returning
Good quality product. I have the matching necklace as well and would recommend this set to everyone!
The shirt is a nice material and it is big and baggy, which is what I had hoped for. However, the shirt is not for a Tall person. It is way too short. This would be long enough for someone who is 5'3" tall. I am curious as to if the regular size is more like a crop top. :). Disappointed.
Poor quality. Rough outer appearance & feel.
Great price! Cheaper than goorin stores
I love this hat. It's my third of this type, and I like it because it fits my head and has a tie I can use to keep it from blowing off. I don't look like I have a big head (22-23 cm.), but I have trouble finding hats that fit. My first sun hat was just a little snug, and when it was drenched in a downpour it shrank to the point where it gave me a headache. The second one was lost before I could decide what I thought about it. Then I tried this style in a medium and it had that "just a little snug" feeling so I sent it back. This one, the size large, is just right. It fits comfortably but if I decide it's too loose I can cinch it up a bit. It will be able to handle a little shrinkage should that occur. And it won't blow away thanks to the chin strap.
Great product, poor description. Size "10-13" is the SOCK size (wierd right?). These socks fit your foot if you wear shoe size 6-12.5
Ive been wearing goldtoe socks for a very long time because they're the only socks that don't have absurdly annoying seams. A pair usually lasts me 2-3 years on average.
This 6 pack (6 pairs) usually retails for $20.00
Good value for the price.
Color was not what I was expecting by any means. Not happy with it. Quality is nice but the color ruins it for me.
This is my second Realer Hobo bag love it
I screwed up and thought I was skinnier than I actually am. I needed a large... It fits but I definitely could use the extra stretch.

Definitely buy them if you need to do some replacing and don't want to spend a lot on other brands for the time being. I don't know how long they'll last me but so far so good.
It's always hard to find socks when you have larger feet and even many "extended" sizes stop at size 14. These socks are perfect. I have them in both black and white. Very comfortable. They fit very well. High quailty.
Didn;t care for them.
These shirts are made from a very slippery and shinny cloth that is very thin and very light. They were very inexpensive and not worth the trouble of returning them so I will wear them as pajama tops to bed.
Great gift, good quality and it was delivered as promised.
High quality belt at a discount price. This is better than many belts selling for two or three times the price of this one. Highly recommended.
My husband says they are just what he wanted. They fit him perfectly.
Fit fine but elasticity wears out FAST
My favorite socks in my drawer
The large tall size shrank in the wash immediately. The no longer are long enough to tuck. Won’t buy again. Waste of money.
Perfect color and fit- used it to make a plankton costume for Halloween
good quality for the price. A heavier cotton material than most shorts in this price range.
Does what a belt should do. Holds the pants up so my wife doesn’t tell me I have a plumbers butt. Solid stitching. Nice color.
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